Almost all people already know where or what Paris is. But not everyone know where or what is Paris van java, let we see a brief.

Paris van java is a called for Bandung city since it has many textile industry, fashion centre and many others related with fashion industry until now. Bandung is located in west java, Indonesia.
Now there is a new cool place in Bandung for you and your family to take for shopping, take some food or just for window shopping while go to Bandung, its called Paris van java.

It’s located in Jl. Sukajadi, Bandung. It has many fashion store and boutique with international brand and also local brand. After take some sightseeing around store, you can go to restaurant in this area. Many kind of food offered by restaurant. You can choose your favorit food, from western style, Chinese food, or local food. One of the my favourite restaurant is BMC restaurant, it offered delicious food and also drink or juice. One of my favourit menu is nasi tutug oncom and strawberry juice. When you have chance, you can go to this restaurant.

This is some picture I took when I came at Paris van java.

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