Another wedding ceremony of my brother in Jakarta. Name of my brother is Dedi from Pekanbaru. He got married with Anggie from Makassar.
During opening ceremony, there was dance performance which is Tari piring (Plate dance).

According to some reference, Piring dance come from Minangkabau, west Sumatra, Sumatra island, Indonesia. This dance have movement as farmers movement when farm, harvest rice, etc. This dance is also symbol of cheerfulness and thanks for harvest. This dance is quick movement dance, where dancers hold plate on their palm with song instrumental that is played by Talempong and Saluang.
Sometimes that plates is throw up/ flinged to ground and stirruped by dancers. For increasing aesthetics, magical elements and surprise this dance, male and female dancers will stirrup of broken plates without fear and also not pained. Spectator certain will feel horrfied, if that broken glasses and sharp is stirruped while dancing.

So congrats for my brother.

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